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29/04/2009, 03:42 pm

The cultural impact of superstition

Article written by Angelika Seeschaaf, eeaa design London

published in Mix interiors, design magazine, April 2009

23/01/2009, 06:56 pm

Designer Profile Angelika Seeschaaf eeaa design London

Mix interiors magazine features designer Angelika Seeschaaf and her new seating range for office furniture specialist Koehl in their January 2009 issue: ’Koehl face- We chat with one of the coolest youngest designer around, and collaborator with the stars of design, Angelika Seeschaaf.’

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19/11/2008, 02:54 pm

Please click here to download the recipe: ‘Ananas Banane schokoliert’

The receipe for pineapple-banana sculptures with Chilli chocolate is featured in the current editionof ‘page’ magazine (12.08). This culinary specialty has been designed by eeaa designed for the award winning Genie-Chilli cookbook.

This cross media cookbook was awarded the “Sonderpreis für Kreativität der Gastronomischen Akademie Deutschlands e.V.” at the Frankfurt book fair 2008